Anna started cooking and working in restaurants at the age of 15. She has worked in New York, Palm Beach, and Washington DC.  Usually focusing on pastry, Anna decided to venture a new route. In 2013, she met Aaron Silverman in Washington DC, and was an opening member of Michelin starred and James Beard Nominated restaurant, Rose’s Luxury. After her time with the Rose's team, she decided to head to the West Coast, and start collaborating and working with Sarah on Đôi Đũa. After gaining recognition as Portland's Best and Most Ambitious Vietnamese Restaurant, Đôi Đũa was relocated to DC.

Sarah began cooking when she was very young. She would help her mother and grandmother in the kitchen whenever she could, cleaning endless pounds of shrimp, separating dozens of eggroll wrappers, and polishing mountains of exotic fruits grown by her father. She grew up in a family that instilled a very strong passion for food, and this passion carried over into a career that started with Đôi Đũa. Sarah draws culinary inspiration from her Asian heritage, as she aims to preserve the dishes and techniques learned from her Southern Vietnamese family. 

When it comes to sourcing, Anna and Sarah source as much in season ingredients as they can from local farms, while also utilizing authentic imported goods from Asia. The goal is to share quality interpretations of classic Vietnamese dishes, techniques, and flavors without compromising the true essence of the cuisine.