It is essentially a portable restaurant. No, not like a food truck, silly. We go into an exisiting space when the business is not operating, and we cook our food for the night! Currently, Shopkeepers is a boutique who also serves coffee and tea. But when they close on Saturdays, we take over the space and serve our Vietnamese food.


How does the tasting menu work?

We host all of our tasting menu events at a communal table that seats up to 10 guests. It is a prix fixe menu consisting of 5+ courses. We have two seating times at 6:oo pm and 8:30 pm. Dates vary and are listed on the website. The tickets are pre-ordered on our reservations page. If you are having any trouble making your reservation, feel free to reach out to us directly by emailing or calling (352) 239-1586. It is a great place to meet other members of our DC community, out of towners visiting for the weekend, and fellow foodies. Many, if not all, of our guests have great conversations at the table, and leave making new friends!


How is making an À la carte reservation different than the tasting menu?

Our à la carte nights feature more casual Vietnamese dishes. (Plus, you can choose what dishes you’d like to try. Or even order two of the same dish; we won’t judge!) Purchase 1 ticket per party (up to 4 guests). 1 ticket = 1 table for up to 4. Ticket price will then be taken out of the final bill, so no worries!  Please note how many guests are in your party when making your reservation (just write it in the notes section of your purchase or send us an email). The number of guests will be confirmed via email prior to your reservation.

For the tasting menu reservation, just purchase your tickets (one ticket per person) and come hungry! We have a lot of food to share with you. 


Why do I have to buy a ticket for the À la carte EVENTS?

This ensures that a table will definitely be reserved for you, and ensures to us that we have hungry bellies for our food to fill! Since we are currently only open once a week, we want to cut down on food waste as much as possible. So cancellations are especially hard for us.


But things happen. If something comes up, can I reschedule?

Yes! As long as you notify us within 48 hours, you can use your ticket as a credit for the next available dinner!


Do you guys serve alcohol?

Yes! We have beer and wine available for additional purchase during dinner.


Is gratuity included?

Gratuity is not included. Tipping is much appreciated!


Do you accommodate food allergies or dietary restrictions?

This is a tough one! We can accommodate some allergies with a 72-hour notice prior to the event. We take allergies and dietary restrictions very seriously, and want to make sure you can dine with us safely. With only two chefs in the kitchen, accommodations can be tricky. So please give us a call or shoot us an email before purchasing your ticket to check if we can accommodate your allergy. Severe allergies or dietary restrictions may be declined.


How can I find out when the next pop-up will be?

The easiest way to track us down is through our mailing list. Sign up to be the first to know about upcoming events. We host special events all over the city, and this is the best way to be up to date on them!


Do you guys do private events?

Yes, we do! We have a special events package with different options at various price points upon request. We can work out specific times, dates, custom menus, takeaway gifts, and more! Just send us an email at to discuss availability.



Ðôi rhymes with boy, and starts with a normal D sound. Ðũa sounds like doo-ahh. Doy dooah. Ðôi Ðũa. Say it with confidence! You got it!